Multicultural Fair Art Contest Winner Speaks on Vision Behind Work

Multicultural Fair Art Contest Winner Speaks on Vision Behind Work

Each year the Sage Hill Parent Association puts out a call to action for students to participate in the Multicultural Fair Art Contest, and there are always a slew of impressive art submissions. This year, the call brought in more than 30 student submissions, and the winning artwork was designed by Sage Hill junior Minki Shin. 

Shin says he uses his art as a fundamental creative outlet and believes that it can be best described as an extension of him. For this particular work of art, he used Adobe Illustrator and was very thoughtful about the details he depicted.

“I knew I wanted to represent a very diverse group of people, and I did so in the artwork by drawing them dancing in the clouds,” he said, painting a vivid picture of his artistic process. “I wanted it to seem as though they were harmonizing with each other through these different dances that they were doing.” 

The significance of the globe and flags in the background of the work was an illustration of a vast number of nations together in one place, he said. 

Multicultural Fair has been an important tradition at Sage Hill since almost the beginning of the School’s history. It is typically an on-campus event put on by the Parent Association, and the greater Orange County community is invited to come and enjoy international food booths, entertainment and purchase items from around the world at an Ethnic Bazaar. 

“I feel like it allows all of us to share and introduce new cultures,” Shin said. “It is a really good place for students to connect and experience things that maybe they have never experienced before.” 

In light of the pandemic, this year’s event has been retooled as virtual -- with eight community members hosting live cooking demonstrations via Zoom on Saturday, March 13. If you are interested in joining us for this year's Multicultural Fair, please find the links to register here.


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