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Our Mission

The Advisory program provides a safe space for students to practice self-reflection, balance and discovery, while benefiting from individualized guidance. Advisors encourage personal and academic growth of each student by fostering positive relationships and supporting each student throughout their Sage Hill School journey.
Our robust Advisory program gives students a sense of belonging from their very first day on campus. Each student is assigned to a small advisory group led by a faculty or staff mentor that remains together through graduation.

Advisors offer individual support and guidance, while encouraging character development, throughout a student’s high school career. The advisor oversees the student’s academic and co-curricular program and serves as the liaison between the student’s family and the school.

What to Expect in Advisory

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  • 9th Grade

    During freshman advisory, we want our students to understand Sage Hill culture and determine the role they play in the community. We want our students to explore their academic, extracurricular and athletic interests. Within their freshmen year, students will reflect on who they are as students and learn best practices for growth and teamwork. Freshmen will learn to be self-starters by advocating for their needs, through the stepping stones of Conference, parent-advisor conferences, and utilizing the School’s support service. Advisory is a space for students to navigate school culture and personal growth in their freshman year.
  • 10th Grade

    Transitioning from being the “new kids” at the School, both academically and socially, the 10th grade advisory program continues to develop and/or fortify skills and traits that emphasize authentic choices and a balance between academic and extracurricular life. Having explored various academic and extracurricular opportunities in the ninth grade, advisors will help 10th grade students identify priorities and where they will focus their time and energy. Questions we will address in 10th grade advisory will include: How can students navigate a rise in expectations from teachers and overall increased workload? How can sophomores find balance so as to not singularly focus on one area of their experience at Sage Hill at the detriment of others? How can students align their extracurricular and academic interests? How can they manage the expectations they place on themselves as well as the ones others place on them? Do they have self-care strategies and do they know how to ask for help/advocate for themselves?
  • 11th Grade

    As students enter the second half of their Sage Hill School experience, the 11th grade advisory program recognizes the ways in which each advisory has developed a personality and become a cohesive group. Advisors encourage 11th grade students to continue to build community both among the advisory group itself, but also with the greater Sage Hill School community as well. Advisors encourage, support and challenge students to seek balance, consider their relationships as upperclassmen leaders and explore academic and extracurricular interests.
  • 12th Grade

    The goal of 12th grade advisory is to prepare students for independent, post-Sage Hill life as we help them cultivate and embrace the passions, personalities and strengths that make them unique. A lot of time is spent looking to the future while also reflecting on the legacy they want to leave behind as individuals and as a class. Activities incorporating practical life skills and character building help foster independence, autonomy and confidence. A large focus during the first semester is managing stress and priorities by minimizing the focus on college and avoiding quantifying academic success. Students are encouraged to make the most of life at Sage Hill by engaging in new experiences and community events. During second semester, the emphasis is on helping students remain engaged by giving their “all” when they give their time, as time is our most valuable human expenditure. As the year closes, the hope is that students have honed in on a better sense of who they are and what activities, interests and people bring them the most fulfillment and joy.

Lead Class Advisors (LCA)

A Lead Class Advisor (LCA) is responsible for the development and implementation of the Advisory curriculum and managing the grade level student representatives. An LCA is also responsible for the oversight of the Service Learning grade-specific program, monitoring academic progress, and serving as the overall "voice" of each individual grade level.

Meet the LCAS

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  • Photo of Elizabeth Anauld

    Elizabeth Anauld 

    English Teacher, Ninth Grade Dean
  • Photo of Alyssa Flynn

    Alyssa Flynn 

    Associate Director of 9th and 10th Grade College Counseling, 10th Grade Lead Class Advisor
  • Photo of Elizabeth Chung

    Elizabeth Chung 

    English Teacher, 11th Grade Lead Class Advisor
  • Photo of Jennifer Kucera Rothman

    Jennifer Kucera Rothman 

    History and Social Studies Teacher, 12th Grade Lead Class Advisor

Sage Hill School

Sage Hill School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. The School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, and athletic and other School administered programs.