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Sage Hill School is an intentionally diverse community, where all are welcomed and belong.

Sage Hill's Flexible Tuition Model

Our Flexible Tuition model is an expression of our values and is intended to make the Sage Hill experience accessible to learners of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

In determining tuition for each family, Sage Hill School carefully considers the financial circumstances for each student. The School recognizes that no matter a family's income range, the cost of a Sage Hill education is a significant financial investment for the future. Each family's contribution to tuition enables the School to offer an unparalleled experience with all of the qualities that make Sage Hill an exceptional place for students to grow. Sage Hill School offers the best and brightest educators, inspiring teaching spaces, a tight-knit community, and transformative learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Flexible Tuition Program

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  • Making a Sage Hill Education Affordable

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  • Flexible Tuition Program

    Sage Hill School is committed to maintaining a diverse student body that is reflective of all socioeconomic backgrounds. The cost of an independent school education may stand as a significant barrier for families. To ensure a student body that demographically represents Southern California, Sage Hill’s Flexible Tuition program adjusts tuition and fees according to a family’s ability to pay.
  • What is Flexible Tuition?

    Flexible Tuition is a need-based financial assistance program that allows families to qualify for reduced tuition based on their unique financial circumstances. The program is comprehensive and applies to tuition and as well as other student fees. On average, Sage Hill allocates more than $4 million toward the Flexible Tuition program with 14% of our students participating. The School has a continued commitment to increase both the percentage of students receiving reduced tuition, as well as the funding of the Flexible Tuition program.
  • Who Should Apply?

    Families who are actively seeking a Sage Hill education for their child but are concerned about affordability should consider the Flexible Tuition program. As each family has a unique financial situation, Sage Hill aims to meet the demonstrated need of each family.

How to Apply for Flexible Tuition

Families New to Sage Hill School

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Families Returning to Sage Hill School

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Flexible Tuition FAQs

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  • Is Flexible Tuition confidential?

    The Flexible Tuition application is a confidential process between the School’s financial aid committee and the family. Decisions are based on a family’s personal financial matters — information which is held highly confidential.
  • How is financial need assessed?

    There are several key factors in determining a family’s financial strength and, therefore, the appropriate Flexible Tuition amount. Within each category are the following items: 


    Family assets may include: taxable wages, if self-employed, income drawn as salary but not included as business profit, taxable dividend and/or interest income, alimony or child support received, pensions, annuities, rent, royalties, estates or trusts, household expenses paid by separated or divorced spouse in lieu of alimony, unemployment compensation, capital gains, taxable IRA distributions, business profits, Social Security benefits, real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, and other investments.

    Expenses and Debt

    Typical expenses and debt include: educational expenses, medical/dental expenses, debts for investments, unemployment, prolonged illness, past business debts, legal fees, nursing home/assisted living care, child support, costs for a child with special needs, and child care. 

    Filing Status

    Awards will not be considered unless complete financial information is received from both parents or guardians. If parents are separated, divorced or never married, both parents/guardians are required to complete the Flexible Tuition application. 

    Number of Private School or College Tuitions Currently Being Supported 

    A family’s Flexible Tuition amount takes into account takes into account the number of family members attending any tuition-charging elementary school, middle school, high school, or college.
  • Will all students eligible for Flexible Tuition receive it?

    Unfortunately, no. Every year there are more qualified applicants for aid than available funds. There is a wait-pool in the event that funds become available.
  • If we apply for Flexible Tuition, will it affect our child’s application for admission?

    The Admission Committee reviews and recommends for admission applicants without regard to their financial assistance status. Depending on the applicant pool in a given year, we may be unable to fund every admissible student who requests financial assistance. In those years, students who have applied for Flexible Tuition may have a more selective admission process.
  • How is demonstrated need determined?

    Need is determined by the Sage Hill School financial assistance committee, which uses a third-party recommendation (FACTS), online application, and required supporting documents.
  • Does Sage Hill School give athletic/academic/art scholarships?

    Flexible Tuition is a limited need-based, mission-driven program. Athletic, academic, or fine arts scholarships are not available.
  • What if parents are separated or divorced?

    We take into account that both parents have a financial obligation to contribute to their children's educational expenses. We consider the assets and income of both natural parents. If either parent has remarried, we will consider the income of the step-parent as well. In view of this, both natural parents and their current spouses need to complete separate applications.
  • What will the family's contribution to tuition be?

    There are many factors affecting Flexible Tuition awards. The most significant factors are family income and assets. However, other considerations include mortgages, debt, number of siblings, siblings in the School, and special circumstances.
  • Is preference given to any particular group?

    While currently enrolled Sage Hill students receive priority, no other outside factor affects the Flexible Tuition amount. However, any Flexible Tuition application completed after our deadline of January 31 will automatically be placed in the Flexible Tuition wait-pool.
  • I’m a stay-at-home parent and do not work outside the home. Will my family still be considered for Flexible Tuition?

    In order for the School to treat families with stay-at-home parents equitably compared to families in which all parents work outside the home, Sage Hill typically attributes a small income for stay-at-home parents to the Flexible Tuition calculations. Exceptions to this policy may occur if a parent is caring for a child not yet of school age, a child with a disability, a seriously ill child, parent, or grandparent or if a parent is disabled and cannot work. Please inform the Flexible Tuition Committee in writing of these circumstances at the time of your initial application by disclosing your situation.
  • Will my child's Flexible Tuition award change from year to year?

    Families must reapply for Flexible Tuition each year. Awards are given for one academic year at a time. A family whose financial situation remains relatively unchanged can generally expect the same percentage of their tuition to be covered by Flexible Tuition from year-to-year. If there is a significant increase in family need, Sage Hill School will seek to accommodate that need. Likewise, if there is a significant change in family’s demonstrated need, the appropriate adjustment will be made to the financial assistance recipient to reflect the family’s increased ability to contribute to their student’s educational expenses.
  • If I still have questions about Flexible Tuition, who should I contact?

    Please contact Leyla Hanjan at or (949) 219-1330. We are happy to help with the Flexible Tuition process.

Tuition & Fees 2024-2025

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  • Tuition

  • Enrollment Deposit

    This deposit is non-refundable and credited toward the first tuition payment.
  • Payment Options

    One full payment, two payments (70% and 30%) or a 10-payment plan.

Examples of Current Families Receiving Flexible Tuition

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  • Case Study #1

    This is an example of a family of four where both parents are employed full time, one child attends Sage Hill and the other is in a non-tuition based elementary school.
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  • Case Study #2

    This is an example of a family of four where the parents are married and one parent works full time, one child attends Sage Hill and one child attends college.
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  • Case Study #3

    This is an example of a family of five where both parents are employed full time and one of their children attends Sage Hill School.
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  • Case Study #4

    This is an example of a family of three where both parents are employed.
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