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Sage Hill School believes that technology, when utilized safely and honorably, inspires innovative teaching, nurtures all learning styles, and creates unique opportunities to connect our students with their community. We believe that every student can and should master the information and tools necessary to be passionate learners, global citizens, and leaders. We also believe all members of our school community should be supported as they employ technology in the service of our students’ success.

Students are required to bring a laptop to school daily. For more information regarding the Laptop Requirement please review the specifications here.

Daily Laptop Requirement

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  • What computer specifications are required for the 2020-2021 school year?

    There have been no significant hardware changes from the requirements of 2019-2020. View the 2020-2021 Laptop Requirement Specifications here.
  • Why do students need a laptop for school?

    A laptop is a more robust, comprehensive tool for internet research, data analysis, multimedia projects/presentations, and word processing. Almost any device can access Canvas, Sage Hill’s online learning management system, but a laptop is better suited for the aforementioned more robust tasks.

    Mobile devices such as a smartphones or tablets are not sufficient tools to help our students master the research, media creation, writing, scientific modeling and computation skills they need to practice daily.
  • Can my student bring a tablet instead?

    iPads, Kindle Fire, and other tablets do not meet this requirement, and have difficulty navigating Canvas and submitting assignments efficiently. Students are welcome to bring these mobile devices to campus next year, but they will also need to bring a laptop to each of their classes.
  • What kind of laptop does my student need?

    Student laptops may be either Mac or PC, but must meet the standards in order to comply with the Laptop Requirement. Most computers manufactured in the last 2 years will meet these standards. (Please note the exception of netbooks and Google Chromebooks, which do not meet the requirement.)

    If you are unsure, you can check computer specifications using the methods described at
  • Does the laptop need to be brand new?

    The School does not require a brand new laptop! There are many options to find good, functional equipment at a discount.
  • Do you have any suggestions about where to purchase refurbished or used laptops?

    Discounted Mac and PC laptops can be purchased from 2NDGEAR, a company offering Sage Hill students expertly refurbished equipment that includes a 90 day warranty. For more information and to purchase, please click here to see refurbished laptop specials or visit

    In addition, refurbished Macbooks can be purchased directly from the Apple Store at a small discount and come with a 1 year warranty ( Refurbished PCs can be purchased from Dell Outlet (, Best Buy ( and similar retailers.

    Be cautious about purchasing on eBay or from unknown sellers, who may not guarantee equipment or the safety/reliability of software.

    These are provided only as suggestions. Sage Hill School is not affiliated with any of the above providers, and makes no financial gains from any purchases made with these providers.
  • What computer processor does my laptop need?

    Click here to read an in-detail article regarding CPU needs.

    An Intel i5 or AMD A9 or better is fully sufficient for academic needs. An i3 may move slower, but will still get the job done.

    If your student will be doing extensive graphics processing (photo/video/3D rendering), a more robust processor, such as an i7 or AMD Ryzen, may be needed. However, please note our iMac computers for Digital Arts and Publications can fulfill these needs on campus.
  • What technical support is available on campus?

    The Sage Hill Technology Department provides assistance for students utilizing school resources. Help is available to assist students in connecting to on-campus internet and printers, and user support for our Learning/Classroom Management System, Canvas is also readily available.

    Help Desk is available during the school day. Students can visit the Tech Office in the Humanities building or the Library to request help as well. Anyone can email to create a ticket and ask for assistance with school-related issues. Unfortunately, repairs or warranty are not available on campus.

Need Help?

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