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The Service Learning Program at Sage Hill School provides students with opportunities to serve as leaders who take initiative, think critically, work collaboratively, creatively, and compassionately, and use their academic, social, as well as personal skills to engage and connect with others. Through community partnerships, our students are encouraged to develop and/or seek out service needs in the local and global communities that match their educational, personal, and social interests. Service Learning takes place on one school day a month from October through April.

Enhancing Core Competencies
Through Service Learning, students collaborate with peers and younger students from other schools, they develop cross-cultural competencies, further build upon their character, enhance their communication, creativity and critical thinking skills that are all a part of Sage Hill's Core Competencies, also known as our Six Cs.

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  • Ninth Grade

    Students learn to broaden their perspectives beginning in the ninth grade year working with third graders from local elementary schools on a year-long STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) project.
  • Tenth Grade

    The tenth grade English course fully integrates Service Learning into its curriculum, and Sage Hill sophomores mentor fourth graders as they create personal essays that are published in a student-created anthology.
  • Eleventh and Twelfth Grade

    Building upon the foundation of their first two years of Service Learning, juniors and seniors identify a need in the local or world community and either create their own project or further the work of an existing organization that matches their passions and skill set.

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Service Learning Make-Up Policy

In order to earn Service Learning credit for the year, students must make up ANY Service Learning absence by volunteering for three hours either on campus or with one of our partner organizations. When a student is absent for any reason, they MUST connect with their Lead Class Advisor to coordinate this service experience. This includes excused absences, as well! Students can still graduate without Service Learning credit, but it will go on their transcript that they did not receive credit for Service Learning for the year.

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