Sage Center Vision

The Hamoui Family Sage Center is the hub for innovative and experiential teaching and learning within and beyond the Sage Hill campus.

The Six Cs

Most essential among the skills our students need to succeed in life are Character, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking and Cross-cultural competency, referred to as the “Six Cs.” While Sage Hill has always nurtured these qualities in our students, the Sage Center enables the School to take more deliberate steps to ensure not only that each of our programs develop these skills, but to achieve cohesiveness between the many elements of a Sage Hill education.

Under the Sage Center umbrella, the Six Cs are promoted through Spring at Sage, Service Learning, the Sage Hill Internship Program, Sage Center Speaker Series, Advisory program and our Academic Teams. Furthermore, the Six Cs are integrated throughout the curriculum, and the Sage Center will develop tools to measure their mastery.

And because cross-cultural competency is one of the Six Cs, our programs and activities surrounding the themes of inclusivity, diversity, equity and justice are also coordinated by the Sage Center. The Sage Center offers more global perspective to the world’s most pressing challenges, inspiring our students to be leaders and agents for change.

The Sage Center links classroom lessons to real-world experiences. This initiative ensures that our students don’t just keep pace with the changing world, but have the power, the confidence and the skills to shape its future.

Hamoui Family Sage Center

Meet the Sage Center Staff

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Kevin Garcia Cruz

    Kevin Garcia Cruz 

    Interim Sage Center Director
  • Photo of Mindy Aguirre

    Mindy Aguirre 

    History and Social Studies Teacher, Assistant Director for Inclusion and Outreach
  • Photo of Bethany Pitassi

    Bethany Pitassi 

    Assistant Director for Global Outreach, Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Mary Kildare

    Mary Kildare 

    Theatre Educator
    (949) 270-2340
  • Photo of Chris Irwin

    Chris Irwin 

    Science Department Chair, Science Teacher, Dean of Academic Technology


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