Ninth Grade Experience

At Sage Hill School, ninth grade is much more than just the first year of high school; it is a journey of self-discovery, an adjustment to new ways of learning, and a time when life-long friendships begin.

Our unique Ninth Grade Experience is designed to ensure a smooth transition from middle school to high school and welcome each student into the Sage Hill community.

Highlights of the Ninth Grade Experience include:

  • Advisory -- Groups of approximately 10-12 students and one faculty or staff advocate meet weekly, with individual student/advisor meetings as needed.
  • Ninth Grade Retreat -- For three days during the first month of school students bond with their classmates and their advisors in a relaxed mountain setting.
  • Challenging curriculum -- In addition to rigorous core academic courses, all ninth graders take our unique Patterns of Civilization and Arts Survey courses, which lay an important learning foundation and expose students to a variety of disciplines.
  • College guidance -- Our dedicated Dean of Ninth and Tenth Grade College Counseling works with students to design a flexible four-year plan for their Sage Hill experience, and parents are invited to college counseling coffees for introductory guidance.
  • Individual support -- Twice-weekly Conference hours offer dedicated time for students to work one-on-one with their teachers. Teachers and peer tutors are also available in the Academic Resource Center throughout the week.
  • Ninth Grade Wellness seminars -- Regular meetings foster skills necessary for academic and personal success, such as study skills, stress-reduction, leadership, and internet safety.
  • Ninth Grade X Blocks -- X Block is a time when we hold class meetings, clubs will meet and students can collaborate on group projects. Freshmen also have a seminar series called Ninth Grade X Block. In this series, ninth graders will be participating in various exercises that will help them become more responsible students and members of the Sage Hill School community. Ninth Grade X Block seminars address a range of topics including study skills, technology, and critical thinking. The time and space X Block creates for our student community furthers our commitment to balance. Most X Blocks have planned events for students. If the time is not scheduled, we still recommend that students take advantage of the opportunity to study, attend club meetings and/or do collaborative work, but attendance will not be required.
  • Service Learning Program -- Ninth graders learn leadership and empathy by mentoring elementary students from partner schools through a year-long program.
  • Ongoing communication -- A monthly e-newsletter, informational ninth grade parent coffees and other events ensure that families know what’s happening at Sage Hill.

Meet the Dean

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    Elizabeth Anauld 

    English Teacher, Ninth Grade Dean


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