The mission of the Johnson Family Library is to provide the Sage Hill School community with the tools, information and space to be successful teachers and learners. 

In the summer of 2018, the library underwent an amazing transformation. The updated design and furniture reflect the way that students learn and collaborate in the 21st century. The dynamic, technology-rich environment includes multiple flexible study and meeting spaces, and can be reconfigured for group or individual work.

The library also provides a new home for the School’s Hamoui Family Sage Center for Innovative Curriculum

Sage Hill School partners with Follett Virtual Campus as our official textbook provider. 

Checking Out Books

If a student wants to check out a book from the library:
  1. Students should visit this website.
  2. From there, students should click on “Catalog," where they'll be able to search the Sage Hill School library collection.
  3. When the students find what they are looking for they can either go find the book themselves in the library or ask archivist Sally Bedoya or library technician Michael Yu for assistance.
  4. Our staff members will then help the students check out the book.
All electronic resources are now housed on Canvas.  Please go to the Portal and log in to access the Library page on Canvas.

Meet the Library Staff

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Nikki Imai

    Nikki Imai 

    Director of Library & Technology
  • Photo of Sally Bedoya

    Sally Bedoya 

    Archive and Library Assistant
  • Photo of Matthew Vadeboncoeur

    Matthew Vadeboncoeur 

    Library Technician


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