The mission of the Johnson Family Library is to provide the Sage Hill School community with the tools, information and space to be successful teachers and learners. To that end, the Library curates a diverse collection of print and digital resources to enhance the learning experience.

By uniting technology, information, and user services in a single location, the Library strives to become the school’s central hub of learning and critical thinking, a Learning Commons dedicated to collaboration and community support.

The Johnson Family Library is actually two libraries in one: a physical research and collaboration space, and an electronic library. The physical library consists of books, periodicals, audio/visual titles, and laptops. The e-library consists of full-text databases and reference materials, which students can access from classrooms and home.

We are pleased to announce that Sage Hill School has once again chosen Follett Virtual Campus as our official textbook provider for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.


The textbook list for the 2018-2019 school year is NOW AVAILABLE on our virtual bookstore.

Checking Out Books

If a student wants to check out a book from the library:
  1. Students should visit this website.
  2. From there, students should click on “Catalog," where they'll be able to search the Sage Hill School library collection.
  3. When the students find what they are looking for they can either go find the book themselves in the library or ask archivist Sally Bedoya or library technician Michael Yu for assistance.
  4. Our staff members will then help the students check out the book.
All electronic resources are now housed on Canvas.  Please go to the Portal and log in to access the Library page on Canvas.

Meet the Library Staff

List of 2 members.

  • Nikki Imai 

    Director of Library & Technology
  • Sally Bedoya 

    Archive and Library Assistant


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