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Sage Hill Student’s Mental Health Promotion App Wins Invisalign ChangeMaker Award

By: Maurisa Jones
Sage Hill Student’s Mental Health Promotion App Wins Invisalign ChangeMaker Award
Arietta Goshtasby ’24, founder of Sage Hill Coders, was recently selected as an Invisalign ChangeMaker for her work on her mental health app, Therabot. 

The app was inspired by methods commonly used by therapists including journaling, which is a way for clients to engage in personal reflection privately. 

Arietta has been developing and perfecting the program since middle school, and has beta tested with several Sage Hill students. Through this beta testing, Arrieta received positive feedback with several users describing the app as a relaxing way to reflect on their day.

Arietta has long had an interest in coding, and has learned much from her grandfather, who works in computer science, as she perfected the app.

“He is extremely smart,” Arietta said. “He focuses more on the mathematical side of computer science and has created some amazing AI that can do things like scan for breast cancer lesions to see if they are benign.” 

With mental health being a constant topic of discussion, especially in the wake of a pandemic. Arietta hopes that Therabot can help break the negative stigma of mental health practices like therapy and allow people an outlet so that they can continue to work toward performing at their very best.

The Invisalign ChangeMaker program has awarded 100 winners with $5,000 each to help them continue their goodwill efforts. Arietta said she plans to use the prize money to expand Therabot. The award will help provide the app with further credibility as well as the ability to continue research and development. This will also help in promotional and marketing efforts, like hosting the app in different app stores, and will cover the costs of establishing Therabot as a non-profit organization. 

To learn more about Arietta and the Invisalign ChangeMarker Award, please click here


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