Junior Students Publish First Issue of Sage Tech-X Magazine

Junior Students Publish First Issue of Sage Tech-X Magazine

Junior Minki Shin and a group of fellow Sage Hill students published the first issue of their magazine, Sage Tech-X, in December. 

“The idea for Sage Tech-X came from my own initial curiosity and my desire to create a space where I could share my passion for STEM with Sage friends and community members,” Shin said. “I hope that this magazine can connect easy-to-approach topics like music, movies, and books with challenging, unique ideas of technology.”

It took more than two months to publish the first issue, with help from some of Shin’s friends and fellow juniors: Keyon Sabahi, Ridwan Simjee, Peter Huang and Nic Eimani. The students created categories based on their personal passions and wrote unique stories to finish the magazine.

Shin used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to design and publish the magazine. Working with a  print shop to get the magazine printed was the most challenging part, Shin said, but now that he’s been through the process, he expects putting out the next issue to be faster and smoother. 

The magazine staff hopes to publish one issue every two months during the school year for a total of four issues per year, Shin said.

“I am excited with the prospect that Sage Tech-X can be a great source of information to help STEM-focused students at Sage as well as boost interest in technology for all who read it,” Shin said. “In the future, I want to include more exciting content and even enter various school magazine contests. Eventually, I hope that this can become one of the top STEM magazines in the U.S.” 

Right now, students can find copies of this first issue in the School’s front office. When COVID-19 conditions improve, Shin hopes that copies will be found in both the Lightning Locker and the Johnson Family Library as well. 

“Another plan is to create a website so that students can access the stories both online and on print,” Shin said.

If any other Sage Hill students are interested in joining the magazine staff, they should contact Shin at 22shinm@sagehillschool.org.

“I consider Sage’s community as having unquantifiable potential and want to convey the idea that our potential for our future and dreams is unlimited,” Shin said. “I hope that all of my peers who read this magazine can expand their perspectives to realize not only the capability of technology but also the endless possibilities of our dreams.”


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