Ninth Grade NHD Award Winners Announced

Ninth Grade NHD Award Winners Announced
On Wednesday, February 26, Sage Hill’s History and Social Studies Department hosted National History Day Night for ninth graders in the Peter V. Ueberroth Gym. This year’s NHD theme was "Breaking Barriers in History."
Congratulations to this year’s NHD award recipients: 
Avery Watson               Thinking Inside the Box: How Donuts Changed the World
Ameena Mujtaba           Muhammad Ali: Punching the Barrier
Arushi Chokshi             The Forgotten Revolution of Women: How Art Single-Handedly Refuted Sexism
Charlie Murray             Out of the Closet and Into the Streets: Sylvia Rivera and the Stonewall Riots
Amin Sajjadian/Navin Yogaratnam        Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine
Katherine Zeng             The Mathematician Who Made History 
Elisha Choi                   The Hippie Movement: Rejecting the Morals of Mainstream America
Andy Du                      Eating Away at Racial Inequality: The Food Stamp Act of 1964
Chloe Rhee                  Why Cows Hate Yellow: Temple Grandin’s Success in Understanding Cattle in Slaughterhouses 
Cliff Jin                        A History of Swimming and Challenging Societal Norms
Megan Vahdat              A Groundbreaking Victory for Women Despite a Political Loss: Victoria Woodhull’s 1872 Presidential Campaign
Elliot Conolly               “Delete the adjectives and you’ll have the facts,”: How To Kill a Mockingbird Provides a Unique and Enduring Perspective on U.S. History
Lorelai Jordan               Fatal Blood Transfusions: The Gateway to Blood Types and Advances in Modern Science
Carson McNeill            The Benin Bronzes: Changing the Thinking of a Continent 
Zahra Sarwono             Sofonisba Anguissola
Lauren Pak                   Breaking Moral Barriers: Executive Order 9066
Ethan Ball                    The Little Rock None and their Battle to Intgrate                        
Anyssa Dang                Stonewall: The Beginning of a Movement 
Adi Rawal                    Nat Turner: Turning heads with Christianity


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