Hard Work Pays Off for Freshmen at NHD Night

Hard Work Pays Off for Freshmen at NHD Night

On February 27, Sage Hill’s History and Social Studies Department hosted National History Day Night in the Peter V. Ueberroth Gym. This year’s NHD theme was Triumph and Tragedy in History.

All ninth grade students spent weeks researching a topic that interested them, investigating it in depth, and learning how to present research as historians do. They presented their projects, which could be in the form of a website, documentary video, exhibit, papers and more.

Congratulations to this year’s NHD award winners:

Nic E. – Early PC History
Celine S. – Jane’s Crown of Thorns
Ari R. – One Giant Leap for Mankind (Apollo)
Elise O. – Tlatelolco (1968)
Aviela C. – John Rabe: The Living Buddha of Nanking
Isabel G. – From Killing Lives to Saving Them: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Mustard Gas
Lainey C. – The Escape to Canada
Anika B. – Patient No More: Section 504 Sit-Ins
Zayna L. – Gender Roles and Stereotypes in Disney

Nadia A. – The Sykes-Picot Agreement: How one Map Led to a Century of Tragedy and Instability
Grace Z. – The Burning of the Old Summer Palace: The Conversion of a National Humiliation to Unification
Sabrina D. – The Emu War

Alex L. – Iran: The Economic and Political Legacy of a Revolution
Colin S. – Tell Them We are Starving: How the Ukrainian People Triumphed in Preserving the Memory of the Holodomor Tragedy

David Z. – Tiberius Gracchus
Saiida W. – Black and Yellow Power: The Lasting Effect of Civil Rights
Winston Z. – The Herero and Namaqua Genocide: The Triumph of Colonial Imperialism and Tragedy for the Native Tribes

Austin P. – Controversies of Christopher Columbus
Max T. – The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
Max Luer – The Rise of Soviet Communism and the Attack on the Lower Classes


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