Featured Alumni Q&A: Jaclyn Smrecek ‘09

Scripps College, B.A. Biology
University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry, D.D.S.
Newport Beach, CA

What is your proudest accomplishment since graduating from Sage Hill School?
Graduating with high honors from dental school and joining my father's dental practice at Fashion Island.

What about your experience at Sage Hill prepared you for what you are doing now?
The rigorous curriculum prepared me well for college, so I was able to take advantage of other non-academic and leadership opportunities such as playing college tennis and being a residential advisor of my dorms.

What about your Sage Hill experience impacted the person you are today? This could be a favorite class, a person, a club, etc…
My favorite class was Financial Literacy taught by Mr. El Alam. To this day I believe it was one of the most important classes I enrolled in. I still own a copy of " The Richest Man in Babylon" and "The Millionaire Next Door" and keep them on my bookshelf for reference.

If you could share one piece of advice to current Sage Hill students, what would it be?
Take this time in high school to explore anything that interests you. Take the risk. Even though I knew I wanted to be a dentist, I wish I had taken a theater class, instead of just focusing on science/math courses and tennis.

What’s your favorite Sage-y memory?
My favorite Sage-y memory was attending theater performances in the tent (the Black Box Theater didn't exist yet) to support my friends. I always found it so magical to watch my friends on stage doing what they loved.


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