Sage Hill Internship Program

Program Objective

SHIP empowers students to become agents of change by preparing and equipping them with the skills necessary to succeed in their professional journeys.

SHIP Experience

Pre-SHIP Experience
Using the Find Your Grind for Education platform, students in the ninth grade will explore new and unique ways to think about themselves, their future and career readiness. This optional program will guide students to develop in the areas of personal, social, mental, financial, emotional and lifelong success.

SHIP Prep Levels 1 & 2
An opt-in program for 10th-12th grade students. The SHIP Prep curriculum is designed with one goal in mind: preparing our students with the tools and skills necessary to talk about themselves, their passions, goals and achievements confidently and passionately. Level specific topics will include: 

Level 1:
●    Resume workshops
●    Resume reviews
●    Mock interviews
●    Improve communication skills
●    Cultivate a digital profile

Level 2:
●    Resume tune-up
●    Cover Letter reviews 
●    Mock interviews
●    Hone communication and interview skills
●    Enhance digital presence

Successful completion of all SHIP Prep Level 1 and/or SHIP Prep Level 2 requirements will grant participants access to the official list of summer internships and shadowing opportunities. 

PD Workshops
SHIP will facilitate a series of optional professional development and career-building workshops for graduating seniors.

Topics will include:

●    Cross-cultural competency
●    Financial and media literacy
●    Communication skills and other strategies for professional settings

SHIP Panels
Our speaker panels are organized by specific themes and topics and are usually made up of Sage alumni, Sage parents, and past internship providers. In general, panels aim to highlight the importance of pursuing an education, exploring one’s creative side, and seeing success as something that is defined beyond classroom achievements. Topics will change yearly to align with Sage Center themes. 

SHIP Credit | Internship & Shadow Day Requirements
In addition to receiving course credit, students who successfully complete all requirements for SHIP Prep Level 1 or Level 2 will receive access to the official list of internship and shadowing opportunities in April.  SHIP is an opt-in program and is optional for all students. 

SHIP Questions? Please contact

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    Verginie Touloumian 

    Advancement Manager -- Events and Support/SHIP Coordinator

Offering an Internship or Shadow Day

SHIP Employer Application

In order to furnish students with an extensive list of opportunities, SHIP encourages all parents and community members to share any relationship or contact that could lead to an Internship for our students. We have already secured a wide range of diverse Internships, but we hope to add to list in order to ensure a diverse range of opportunities.

If you can personally offer a shadow day or internship, or wish to let us know about a contact, please reach out to Verginie Touloumian at, and/or click the link above to submit a form.


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