Head of School at Graduation: 'Aspire For More Than Normal'

Head of School at Graduation: 'Aspire For More Than Normal'
By Andrew Turner | Daily Pilot

Sage Hill School, located in Newport Coast, held its 19th annual commencement ceremony on Friday evening.

The ceremony took place on Ramer Field, the athletic field on campus, to allow for social distancing while providing for the graduates to have family members in attendance. Past graduations have been held in Wilkins Town Square, a courtyard that is also on campus.

“This year we were pushed out of our comfort zone — away from what we considered normal,” Head of School Patricia Merz said during her graduation speech. “Which begs the question — is normal even enough for us anymore? Here at Sage Hill, we always strive to challenge each other to do more and think beyond what is just normal.

“My hope for you and your future ahead is this: Aspire for more than ‘normal.’ Live big, no matter the circumstances. Pursue a life that is different from others. Your path has already been so different, so why stop now?”

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Photo credit: Scott Smeltzer | Daily Pilot


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