Featured Alumni Q&A: Maya Jaffe '19

Maya Jaffe '19 (Georgia Institute of Technology) recently worked as a research intern at Dimer LLC and assisted in the study of the “canyon wall effect” and how UV disinfection can change the way surfaces are cleaned in the hospital environment. She gave a scientific presentation at an international conference and the science behind her work has already been published. Click here to read more about this work.
What is your proudest accomplishment since graduating from Sage Hill School?
Since graduating from Sage, I’ve been attending Georgia Tech and have loved it! It was pretty daunting to transition from high school to college and I would say I’ve been proud of how I’ve been able to acclimate to the environment and excel in my classes. I’ve been able to present at conferences, join a tissue engineering lab, and perform my own experiments. I’m excited to continue to dive deeper into the field of biomedical engineering throughout my time at Tech!

What about your experience at Sage Hill prepared you for what you are doing now?
Sage prepared me extremely well for the rigorous academics and for learning how to have a proper work-life balance. The classes at Sage helped to prepare me for the challenging classes at Tech and I was also able to develop skills in balancing my studies with other extracurricular activities.
What about your Sage Hill experience impacted the person you are today? This could be a favorite class, a person, a club, etc.
I would say that the friends that I have met and teachers that I have been able to be mentored by have greatly impacted who I am today. I am lucky that I had such wonderful teachers to guide me and encourage me to step out of my comfort zone. 
If you could share one piece of advice to current Sage Hill students, what would it be?
It’s such a cliché, I know, but don’t be afraid to fail, to learn from those failures, then move on from them. High school and college is all about trying new things and sometimes failing. It’s about experimentation. So don’t be afraid you are going to fail, because you might succeed or learn an even greater lesson from your failure.


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