We have successfully achieved our mission over nearly two decades by graduating some 1,500 exceptional young people whose Sage Hill education has laid the foundation for resounding success. But to sustain our founders’ mission over the long term, we need to continuously evolve the ways we continue to pursue our goals. Doing so requires an ongoing commitment from our Board, from our faculty and staff, and our community of supporters.

We remain steadfast in our mission to provide a transformative education comprising superior academics and personal skills development to a student body that represents the broader landscape of Orange County and our world. Sage Hill looks different today than when we first opened our doors. Part of that is the spectacular facilities we’ve built to complete our Master Plan. But part of it is the subtle yet substantive ways we’ve evolved alongside the rest of the world.

Today, our focus shifts from building our facilities to nurturing the programs and people that utilize them. This initiative will preserve and build upon our founding vision, to provide access to a broad range of students from across the region, educating the whole student in an inspiring and collaborative setting. With completion of the transformation of the Johnson Family Library, we seek support in two remaining key areas: Sage Hill Scholars Endowment Fund for Financial Aid and the Sage Center for Innovative Curriculum.

Please feel free to donate below, or for more information on how you can participate in these initiatives, please contact President Gordon McNeill at (949) 219-1301 or mcneillg@sagehillschool.org.

Transformation of the Johnson Family Library

In making an endowment gift, I understand the following: (1) The endowment corpus is to be held in perpetuity; (2) the endowment corpus may be commingled with other funds of Sage Hill for investment purposes, although earnings will be separately identifiable; (3) the School will appropriate for expenditure an amount consistent with the purpose for which the fund was established in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement and (4) reasonable fees for investment and administrative services may be paid from the endowment corpus, according to the investment policy established by Sage Hill School Board of Trustees.

I (we) recognize Sage Hill School will reasonably rely on a pledge and expend resources and incur financial obligations under the expectation that it will receive the funds promised. I (we) further recognize that a pledge will be an obligation of my estate, revocable trust or other heirs or successors-in-interest to my assets.

By clicking the ‘Donate’ button, I (we) am (are) certifying that I (we) agree to submit this pledge electronically. I (we) have read and accepted all the terms and conditions of this Pledge Form. I understand that I (we) am (are) liable for the total payment and other obligations set forth on this Pledge Form. I (we) am (are) verifying that I (we) am (are) the person(s) whose name appears above in the Billing Information and agree that clicking “Donate” is the legal equivalent to a manual signature on a document.


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