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The Sage Hill School Honor Code
Face challenges with courage and dignity, the community with respect and dedication, and academics with integrity and honesty: Live honorably.

The Honor Code empowers you, the students, by giving you the opportunity to act with honor, respect, and integrity and the chance to make a choice between right and wrong without having the decision made for you. The Honor Code is not a list of rules but rather a guide that assists you in living honorably. It is a communal undertaking. As members of the community, we are responsible for aiding individuals in upholding the Honor Code. The Honor Code creates a community-faculty, students, administration and parents-all striving for the same goal: to develop an environment that instills in its students a love of knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge honorably throughout their lives.

History and Background

During the 2003 - 2004 school year, a group of seniors, recently back from some college visits, brought the concept of an honor code to the Sage Hill School administration. The group of six seniors, together with the Dean of Students, made the creation of the honor code their service-learning project for the school year. After researching and visiting several schools, the group devised an honor code that they felt would give students the opportunity to make a choice between right and wrong without having the decision made for them by the administration.

The founders of the honor code worked hard to create language that would empower the students and give them ownership of school life as it functioned on campus.  The honor code is a living, breathing document that reflects the evolving ethos of the school community. The language in the honor code is designed to be interpreted in a flexible manner for just that reason.

In addition, the founders felt it would be imperative to have a committee of elected students whose main objective would be helping the community come to an understanding of what is right and what is wrong. This committee, known as the Honor Committee, meets on a weekly basis with the primary goals of educating the community and defining what honor means. In addition, the Honor Committee hears violations of the honor code and makes recommendations to the Head of School for appropriate disciplinary responses.

The Honor Committee recognizes that the key to a positive school experience is a mutual trust among all members of the community. The Honor Code acts as a guide to living an honorable life, but it can only function if all members of the community breathe life into it.