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The Sage Hill School Honor Code

Face challenges with courage and dignity, the community with respect and dedication, and academics with integrity and honesty:  Live honorably.
The Sage Hill Honor Code is not a list of rules but rather a guide that empowers students to make choices between right and wrong. The Honor Code was implemented in 2004 by a group of then-seniors. Having visited colleges with honor codes, the students devised a service learning project to create one for Sage Hill School. The founders created language designed to entrust students with ownership of school life and to reflect the evolving ethos of the school community. The Honor Code is intended to be interpreted in a flexible manner, on a case-by-case basis, and to instill in students a mature sense of responsibility for their actions. All new students are invited to sign the Honor Code, and it is printed at the top of many exams.

The Honor Committee was created to educate the community and define what honor means. In addition to the Student Body President, the committee includes four juniors and six seniors, who must be recommended by a peer. Following an application and interview process, they are selected by a group of current committee members and advisors. Together with two faculty advisors and the Dean of School Life, the committee hears cases of possible Honor Code violations. The students on the committee make recommendations for disciplinary action to the Dean of School Life and, as needed, to the Head of School. The administrators have the option to uphold those recommendations (which is usually the case) or send the recommendation back to the committee for further reflection and discussion.

The Honor Code has shaped the school culture and instilled mutual trust and respect among all members of the Sage Hill community.